Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

It is rainy and grey, and I have no more classes for the day... I'm feeling like watching North & South while working on my pile of homework is a good plan! It definitely ranks as my favorite costume drama... I love me some Industrial Revolution, and Mr Thornton is a nonpareil. :)

Mr. Thornton puts the delicious into the Victorian era.

Some advice found on DeviantArt :D


  1. Have never seen North and South, either of them. I do believe there is an American Civil War N&S, as our BBC N&S.

    That Mr Thornton looks a real dish of delights! ;-)

    1. I've only seen snippets of the American one. The BBC one, however, is a perennial favorite, and I highly recommend it.

      He is indeed! Hands-down my favorite costume drama man ;)