Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finals Week!

Just a quick update:
I am running around like a chicken with its head and both of its wings cut off. (Yes, it's that intense.) But all of this pandemonium will come to an end on Wednesday! Which is both exhilarating and utterly terrifying at once. As I have about a month left of work to do in the next few days, I obviously won't be posting anything interesting until my much-awaited break is upon me. Once that hits, I can finally start posting sewing projects again!! My projects for break are slated to be:

- Cravats. Lots of cravats.
- A new ballgown! (To be worn in February)
- A corset cover (if I get to it)
- New chemise and drawers
- A shirt and pants for my brother (it's kind of cheating to put these on the list because he'll be doing the bulk of the work on them, but I'll be teaching him and helping out as he goes. I think I'll make a guys' shirt along with him, so that I'll be able to do so again in the future!)

That should keep me busy, since I'll also be chilling over at the museum, working on some research for my thesis project next semester, applying for jobs/internships, writing scholarship essays, going up north with my family, reading a handful of books, and learning rudimentary level German. Breaks are not, as commonly supposed, for laying around and sleeping. :) But I'm so excited for all of this... now just to finish four graphic design projects, do a paper and presentation, study for and take a few finals, clean out my painting studio area, pack up my house, and hit the road!

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