Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Horrid Blogger

I am. I admit it. I have been completely devoured by school, and for some reason decided to add another job. (Now I'm a history tutor, too! Because I had so much extra time.) So yeah. Between all my classes and work and writing my undergrad thesis, there hasn't been a whole lot of opportunity for extra activities. I am still finishing up the ballgown--hopefully there will be pictures soon! That has to get finished, as I'm wearing it weekend after next.

In other news, I am currently madly in love with this robe:

I need this robe.
Completely apart from the fact that I am, by my very nature, a Hobbit, this robe is fantastic.  I don’t think I’d ever take it off.  I’d certainly be one step closer to my dream of becoming a character out of Dickens.
And also Martin Freeman

I have a burning desire to produce a replica. I would wear it everywhere. Think how great it would be to wear for the premiere of the next Hobbit movie! I am now beginning a lookout for upholstery fabric sales/remnants that will last until I've successfully garbed myself in a hobbit-style quilted smoking jacket.

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