Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Ballgown

Here at last are photos of my new ballgown, courtesy of my bestie who graciously agreed to a photoshoot during a weekend of crazy homework.

The front, and the bertha-that-I-freehanded-which-
Sleeves (which mysteriously got twisted) and the back of
the bertha/bodice/skirt.

Housemates: "If we add a fan, it will be like a legit
modeling shoot!"
Hence, the ruffle blowing in the wind. hahaha

As it was a bit chilly, I donned my great-grandma's fur
wrap to complete my outfit.

This actually wasn't the necklace I ended up wearing, but other than that, this was the ensemble! The dress was enjoyable to wear, and I look forward to pulling it out again for the next ball. Hopefully by that point, I will have added another ruffle or two to the skirt, as was originally intended. It's definitely wearable as-is, but I think at least one more layer on the skirt would be a good thing, and more akin to what I've seen in CDVs and originals.

Fabric: I got 16 yards of silk for $15 + $8 shipping on ebay, and barely used half of it. Lining for the bodice and the kick on the skirt came from the stash.
Notions: Mostly from the stash, plus a few spring steel bones to keep everything smooth. $3
Ribbon: Several yards from Haberman's... maybe another $15 or so
Lace: More from the stash, originally from Hobby Lobby. I really loaded it on, especially on the bertha... maybe 6 yards? (Do you like my super meticulous bookkeeping?)
TOTAL: $30ish. Not too bad for a new silk ballgown!

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