Sunday, April 21, 2013

Civil War Research!

Sorry the blog's been so quiet--I haven't had time for any sewing or reenacting-related things recently due to my insane school schedule. I'm doing a bunch of research/writing for my undergrad thesis, looking at the cultural roots of the United States Sanitary Commission and its relation to domesticity. The whole project has been really fascinating so far, and has given me some great new insights into the period.

A local USSC office in Ohio

Would anyone be interested in a few posts on mid-19thC American culture and/or the USSC? My findings have been really improved my understanding of the middle-class civilian/woman, and will likely be incorporated into my impression. (Although they may be below the surface... it just helps me to better project the persona if I know what I should be "thinking".) Researching for class and for living history at the same time is one of the great side-benefits of a history major!

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  1. I would! I love reading other people's research.