Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Appliques and Straw Wrangling

I had a lot of time to sew in the car during my recent trip, but only utilized a fraction of it. (Partially due to darkness, partially due to the overriding desire to read instead.) Still, I got a bit done on my new apron! The appliques are well underway, and the waistband together with the skirt pleated in, and ready for buttons. I'm quite happy with it so far!

So... many... stars...
(I decided to go with 11)

Thousands of tiiiiiny little stitches!

As fond as I am of my straw bonnet, I've been wanting a cute little '60s straw hat for some time. I finally found a straw hat at a consignment store and liked the weave, but it was waaaaay off shape-wise. Too tall, brim flipped up, and a little bulged out at the top--not good! So I took scissors to it, and am now pretty happy with the shape for my 1860s impression.

[Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing with hats, so this very likely is the wrong way to go about such an operation.]

The original, after it had been cut and relieved
of its... colorful fabric band and floral arrangement.

I cut the top off, flipped it upside down to fix the curve, and moved it down to make the crown shorter.

In progress! [Note: it did not fit well during this stage.]

I then trimmed the excess off of the bottom and bound it. At that point it was getting close, but still misbehaving as the seam was rather... poufy. 

Mmm, not quite right.

I then hit it with a steaming iron, attempted to tack the seam to the inside of the crown to fix the issue, and voila!

Aha! I steamed it with the iron a little more
after this, and now it is nice and flat-ish.

Now, at long last, I have a nice little 1860s straw hat to keep the sun off of my face. I still have to add ties, wire it, and trim it, but hey, that's the fun part, right?

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