Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm Back... From a History Trip!

I've been failing pretty hard at posting recently, but I've been extremely busy!

I just recently got back from an awesome trip out east with my family. We visited Washington DC, where I enjoyed re-visiting the Capital, LOC, Supreme Court, etc. along with the Smithsonians. (Look for a future post on famous coats!!)

The Library of Congress, where I could read forever and ever and ever.

On our way back to Michigan, we stopped at Harper's Ferry, which was awesome. The area also includes numerous battlefields, most notably Bolivar Heights, from where Stonewall Jackson captured Harper's Ferry in September of 1862. The lower town is much smaller than it was in the 1860s (what a change, right?!) but has been charmingly maintained to a mid-Victorian feel.

Entering 'Downtown'

John Brown's improvised fort, from his famous 1859 raid.

Finally, the best part: also on the way back, the family humored me by stopping for a day and a half at...


I'd been wanting to visit the battlefield for some time now, and finally the day came! It was very quiet and peaceful while we were there, especially on Friday evening. The setting sun turned everything orange, and it was gorgeous beyond words. It was very moving to be at a place where so many fought and died for their principles, and I can definitely rank it at the top of the sites I've seen. I still have to get back out to Gettysburg and Manassas and Jamestown and Williamsburg and Boston and Charleston and Savannah and a hundred other things, but another trip to Antietam will definitely happen sooner or later.

 The infamous 'Bloody Lane'

The town of Sharpsburg is still very small and very un-commercialized--it's pretty much the anti-Gettysburg. As that stood, I appreciated that they kept the area quiet and respectful instead of building it up, although that has its place too. They're starting to gear up for their 150th in September... I wish I could go, but school will prevent it :*(

Next up... progress on the patriotic apron, and some new millinery!

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