Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sewing Update

I'm almost done with my Garibaldi! It has reminded me that sewing in sleeves is my least favorite thing ever... it's not tricky, just plain tedious. But now all I have left is one button hole on a sleeve cuff: victory is mine! It has also occurred to me that I should have a corset cover, since it's pretty sheer. [+1 to this week's long sewing list]. I'll post a picture of the blouse later, along with the finished skirt!

I ordered some more burgundy velvet ribbon for my taffeta skirt, but it ended up being much lighter than what I originally had. I think I'll tack it on now so it at least looks complete, and continue to look for a better match later. (Or I could attribute it to war shortages, like my mismatched wrapper buttons? I am a relocated Southern civilian, after all...)

You can see it especially well on the back.
Mine is waaay browner :(

As costume dramas are a must for sewing weeks, I was happy to discover the Sharpe series, which I hadn't checked out until now. I absolutely love war movies and period films, so this series is right up my alley! 14 episodes of Sharpe, all of which are at my library = this week's sewing entertainment.

Meet my new sewing companion.

Back to sewing! Greenfield Village, t-minus 5 DAYS!

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