Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frills and Fitting

Yesterday I was seized by temporary insanity, and decided to start self-trimming my black dress instead of finishing the other projects that need to be done by tomorrow. Whoops! However, I am not very regretful (yet) as I am completely in love with the result! I haven't self-trimmed before, but I am now seeing lots of it in my future.

Here is a closeup of the trimming on the bodice.
Scrunch, stitch, scrunch, stitch, scrunch, stitch...

Today is a challenging sewing day... I'm trying to fit my swiss waist on myself, but I can't set pins into the back! (Or the front very well, for that matter.) I end up taking it off, pinning, taking it off, adjusting, taking it off, adjusting, etc. until it fits. Oh well... my main problem now is correcting the arm holes. When I drafted the pattern and cut out my fabric over Christmas break, I was quite a few pounds heavier. While I am happy to have lost weight, it is giving me some serious fitting issues!

Adding to my fitting misfortunes, my corset is currently missing in action. I think it sneaked away when I was rearranging the yards of muslin and piles of undergarments. When I make my next corset, it will not be white like everything else!! :P I do have a blue corset bag, but do I ever store it in there? No, I do not. I should probably try to get into that habit, though!

When I next check in, my swiss waist should be much farther along, and I will correspondingly post a picture of the ensemble together so far!

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