Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Dress Re-do

This is a modern outfit, but the Victorians loved their re-purposing, so I'll tie it in that way :)

I found this long floral dress at Goodwill, and liked the print. It wasn't especially flattering as it was, though, so I decided to do some work on it.

The original dress, probably from the 80s.

I just cut off the length to the knee, re-hemmed it, and added a belt. And voila: a fashionable little summer dress for this season! Except now my black belt has been MIA for a number of days now... I need to find it, since it's a basic staple of my wardrobe!

 The final result. I like it!

A closeup of the print. I like the subtlety of the coloring.

I'm considering adding some lace or trim to the neckline for some detail and texture, but it's perfectly wearable as is. Now it just needs to warm up again so I can wear it and not freeze!

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