Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quote Thursday *coughSundaycough*

This week's quote is several days late... homework has eaten me alive!

Here is another Civil War General quote that I love to pieces:

You've gotta love Stonewall Jackson! Not going to lie... I cry at the end of Gods & Generals every time I watch it, and I am not a "cries during movies" type. Consequently, I can't watch the full film on my iPod in the art studio while working on my homework. If I were to start weeping bitterly out of nowhere, my best friend would undoubtedly be concerned and ask me what was wrong. Wailing "Stonewall Jacksoooon, nooooo!" would probably not be socially acceptable. The same goes for watching Gettysburg... Armistead/Hancock makes me tear up every time. Oh well, I suppose there is something to be said for passion!

Happy Palm Sunday!

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