Friday, July 6, 2012

Hobby Lobby!

I recently made a trip to Hobby Lobby with my mom (love that place!) and did not end up broke! I got some glass headed pins which I've been needing for reenacting, and some much-needed large skirt fasteners. Then, skimming the fabric remnants, I discovered a whole bolt of my favorite lace sitting there. "What?" I thought. "They can't be clearing it out, though..." A speedy trip to the trim section confirmed that they didn't have it in stock, which was quite alarming. At $15.75 for 11 yards (which later measured out to be closer to 12), it was a great deal anyhow, so I picked up the whole thing and now am quite stocked up for lace! Now if only I can find the right wide lace for my pink ballgown...

The coup of the day.

This stuff is ridiculously soft.
If I run out anytime soon, there will be the additional problem
of my having used 12 yards of lace in a short time frame.

I've been working on the apron and the stays some more. I'm also on the lookout/hunt for pink silk, as I am planning on making this next!

*fireworks and dramatic music*

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