Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Museum Work and Trimming!

Sorry for the blah post--it's just a short update to tide over until tomorrow, or whenever I can get pictures up.

Today was a museum day, and after cleaning and vacuuming in the morning, I got the exciting job of helping to reorganize the clothing collection in the afternoon! We started with the museum's Civil War era dresses, which was right up my alley. Our historical clothing expert gave me interesting tidbits about the dresses the whole time we were working, and I picked up a whole handful of new techniques and trims to try from the stunning originals and the accompanying commentary. The extent of her knowledge is truly astonishing--I feel like I learn a month's worth of information every time I talk to her!

As for sewing, I've almost finished the trim on the sleeves of the blue plaid. I settled on a very simple geometric pattern, to compliment the existing clean lines (although I've seen some amazing intricate soutache patterns over plaid, I still lack the patience/confidence to give one a shot.) I'm pretty happy with it so far, and plan to put some very simple trim on the bodice to finish it up in what will hopefully be a very timely fashion.

Back to sewing and cleaning my room now... tomorrow, before and after pictures of the trimmed blue dress, and a final update before Charlton Park!

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