Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Pre-Hastings Post!

Whew! Tomorrow morning, I leave for Charlton Park! I'm very excited (like, ASDKJHASKJHD!!) as it's my first time to this event. I still haven't completely packed but wanted to check in with the promised photo of the trimming on the plaid.

Half done--here's what the dress looked
like before and after the new trim.

It looks better finished (believe it or not, it's rather slimming on, too) but here's a feel for what I did. After the event, I'll post a photo of the finished dress and a more detailed description of the trimming process.

I sadly did not finish my new hat quite yet... it still wants some wiring on the brim, and some trim and ties. I'm not too distressed, though, as I have my straw bonnet.

The hat as is, chilling on my dresser.

And now... TO PACK!!!

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