Monday, July 2, 2012

Miracle Corset!

I just had to share this piece recently featured by "Two Nerdy History Girls" that totally rocked my world--a corset that laces itself! Too good to be true? Ha! Not anymore!

Front: Strings are attached to tabs,
which then get together tied in front.

Back: A string per pair of holes,
wrapping around to the front.

Genius? I think so! Despite the fact that it's later (the museum dates it to the 1830s-1840s but the lacing was probably installed afterwards), I am going to try this on my teal stays (if I ever finish them). It may not be accurate for that time, but if anyone gets close enough to tell... well... they shouldn't be so close. In the meantime, I will be able to dress myself, and will not get stuck in my stays if there's no one around to free me! I'd try it on my Victorian one too, but that one laces up a little differently every time I wear it, and thus would not be as efficient.

Check out the original post over here, or see the LACMA Museum page for more images and higher resolutions here.

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